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A Guest role in others’ lives

Do not underestimate the role you may play in clearing the obstacles in someone’s spiritual journey. A seed sown here, a light shone there may be all that is needed to move someone one step further.Ravi Zacharias

You are the main character of your life story. And that is how it should be as God has created you uniquely and gifted you with a beautiful own life. This is just one aspect of His creation, but the other aspect is that He wanted you to live as a community with other unique lives of His creation; in harmony, looking after each other with love and respect. This is where you get to play the guest role in other people’s life story. This is an ongoing role that you play with or without your knowledge. Learning from this experience is a mutual process and it depends on whether you choose to play a good or a bad role in others’ lives and at the same time choose to learn good or bad by being in their lives.

I wanted to share one experience out of my many past and ongoing experiences. I chose this particular one because God showed me how much He cares for every person. We know that His creation is beyond our comprehension; His plan for each individual seems at a very high level but at the same time includes every minute details of a life, reminds me of the Psalm 139 by King David.

I first met Pooja during an intro session on my first day of a new Job . She caught my attention right away, because she was wearing a headscarf (not a hijab scarf), looking very enthusiastic, smiling and talking non stop. I like people when they smile because it makes me feel happy. However, her headscarf spoke a different story. A couple of days later, I was assigned to work with her on a project and that gave me an opportunity to learn more about the story behind her headscarf i.e., She was diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through the chemo at that time. But what amazed me was her brave personality and high work ethic. I wanted to ask her if I could pray for her but something in me stopped (may be because she was not a Christian) and I couldn’t ask her. However, I started praying for her cancer healing and her salvation since then, and also asked my family members to pray for her.

It was almost 7 months since I first met her – during this time she completed her Chemo, had a double mastectomy, was unsure if she was completely cancer free but always looked high spirited when ever she came to work. She inspired every person in the department with her positive outlook on life. She was playing a good guest role in everyones’ lives surrounding her and I never thought I would get to play a guest role or I should say God would choose me to play a guest role in her life. While this was all happening I found a new job and had a week left at the current job. I started to feel this huge burden for this girl as I wanted her to know the true God and I felt like she needed more prayers. So I requested our prayer groups to pray for Pooja’s healing and salvation….GOD LISTENS TO OUR PRAYERS…… this is when I started to see things unveil very astonishingly and within the same week.

  • I am sure everyone in my prayer groups prayed for her, but one person in particular, Sophia (her mom was a breast cancer survivor) immediately started praying for Pooja.
  • In the middle of that week, I went to work later than I usually do and for the first time I saw Pooja very sad and completely down. I went to check on her and asked If I could pray for her (as if I was sent to pray for her) and she accepted my request. Usually it a busy work place so it is very rare to find an empty conference room without booking it in advance. But when God is at work He creates the way. When this incident happened, the entire department was in a townhall meeting so the entire floor was almost empty. I took her to one of the conference rooms, knelt down and prayed. I do not remember everything I prayed but I asked God to comfort her.
  • The next day she came to my desk and started to reveal certain things that blew my mind away. she was born in to a Hindu family but she said that even before her cancer diagnosis, she started to see number 33 in random places wherever she went (number of a street, or as a post, license plate of a vehicle, and so on). Curious enough she googled about this number and right away learnt that it was the age Jesus was crucified to death and resurrected. Bear in mind that she never knew when was Jesus crucified or even resurrected. She became more interested and wanted to learn more about Him. What was more surprising was her experience of God’s love in her life. For the first time I experienced how God chooses an unbeliever to know Him.
  • I was overwhelmed with Joy, thanking Him so much in my heart, at the same time questioning my self that one simple sentence “Can I pray for you” the day before helped her to open up about her experience of Jesus
    • Why didn’t I ask her if I could pray for her when I first met her? —– As simple as it is that I didn’t have the courage.
      It is rather disappointing to me because this same me just an year before this incident, prayed for a random crying woman that I just met on a street of Sydney, Australia. I believe God was training or preparing me for this.
    • Why didn’t I ask others (not just my family) to pray for her? —- As simple as that I was proud to not realize the fact that just like me there are other people who love christ, pray for others too. .
  • With only a few days left for me at that company, Pooja and I spent hours talking about God and she had so many questions about God but at the same time so much trust in the Him. she never knew HIM before but felt HIS love. God used me to answer her questions but at the same time taught me so many valuable lessons such as,
    • The importance of being equipped with the word of God and scriptures in the Bible. I was equipped and was able to answer her curious questions.
    • Be courageous to talk about God. In this secular world and work environment it can be hostile, but our God will make the path clear. Do it prayerfully.
    • Do not pick and choose who to pray for but look into yourself and see the burden God has put in your heart.
    • Always ask your fellow believers if you could pray for them. And look for opportunities to ask the same for unbelievers.
  • As I bid the company and Pooja farewell, she left me a heartfelt note(click here) with sincere blessings that I will always cherish.
  • I thank Jesus for showing me Pooja and through her teaching me how to be emotionally strong, patient, trust God and be hopeful.

The story did not end here. After I left the company, Pooja went through a lot of persecution at work and home and sadly both at the same time. But she believed in Christ and He lead her out victoriously. We now live in different states working for different companies, but we are continuing our friendship, praying and encouraging each other. She herself has some demons in her life to overcome and I am continuously praying for her life, her cancer healing and her salvation.  If it is God’s will, she will be completely healed by next year and a group of us plan to go to Dubai to do tandem skydiving—- to make one of the items in her bucket list come true 🙂

I believe God have chosen her to be a testimony to many others around her and especially to lead her family to Christ our Lord and savior. And I am very glad to be part of her life.

Love you Jesus for this wonderful experience and for continuously teaching your ways.


PS: This article was posted only after Pooja read and approved it. Thank you Pooja for letting me share this with others. Love You and May God Continue to Bless You!